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"...the mares should receive the credit they deserve..."
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Our quarter horse program involves breeding select mares and stallions to produce colts with the traits which we feel are important for ranch work and arena performance. Foundation bloodlines are used to produce conformation, strong bone, willing dispositions for trainability, athletic ability to perform and the longevity to last many years.

The MJ Quarter Horse brood mares were initially obtained from ranches in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Our selection emphasis was towards the working lines. King Fritz, Hancock, Jackie Bee, Two Eyed Jack, Bert, Leo and Doc O'Lena are some of our favorites.

Over the years, as the older mares are replaced, the young MJ dams are proving their worth. There is a lot of quality and color in the broodmare band. We firmly believe that the mares should receive the credit they deserve as they pass on their genetics and dispositions.

Broodmare Bloodlines...
Our current Quarter Horse broodmare herd consists mainly of young mares we have retained from our own breeding program.

  • Watch Moore Jack daughters have prove to be excellent mothers. With good looks, size and bone, they handle nicely.
  • Snickelfritz has given us many replacement fillies in recent years. His offspring are typey, maternal and make a strong impression within our herd.
  • Colonel Sonny has given us some mares that we are pretty high on. They are big, pretty, well-muscled young dams that are easy to work with. We have kept and ridden several of his geldings also.
  • Box Elder Roan has also influenced our broodmare band, his females have pretty heads, lots of size and overall good conformation.

Camp Town Girl with her 2005 baby.

MJ Rusty Wonder - Red Roan Quarter Horse mare.

MJ Flip A Star with her 2004 red dun foal.

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